November 29, 2017

StarkBoard - Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

 The skateboard has been around for ages, and for the most part, hasn't been innovated that much. It's a classic form of transportation and a source of fun for many people.  The Starkboard, however, is taking the skateboard to another level.  It is a handsfree smart electric skateboard.  The Starkboard uses your weight and balancing posture to move.  All you have to do is simply lean forward to accelerate (similar to those hoverboards with wheels).  The Starkboard is completely hands-free, because of the board's intelligent motion control system.  The skateboard is fully electric and has a removable battery pack that can be replaced.  The Starkboard is now active on Indiegogo and has already surpassed the crowdfunding goal by $90,000.  Check out the video below to see the board in action!