March 21, 2017

Spider Silk Neckties from Bolt Threads



 We believe that answers to our most vexing problems can be found in nature. Every day we’re inspired by the amazing materials we work with, and driven by the desire to turn these materials into incredible products.

This is what Bolt Threads stands by as they push their mission of spinning the future of high-performance fabrics.  They have recently released a limited edition run of 50 neckties made from spider silk.  They are experimenting with spider silk because it is a sustainable material and also can have many different uses. While the 50 ties are already gone, stay in tune to Bolt Threads as they continue to create sustainable fabrics.  Since we are also in the business of making sustainable apparel we support their mission 100%. We hope more companies open their eyes to the environmental benefits of using sustainable and biodegradable materials. Check out a behind-the-scene look at these ties below.