June 16, 2017

Skyline Chess: New York City Edition


 Chess is one of the most classic board games of our time.  It is a game that requires a high-level of thinking, planning, and strategy.  We have seen many types of chess boards over the years; giant ones, themed boards, and more.  English designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser had a different approach to chess however.  They decided to make themed pieces to celebrate architecture, specifically the skyline of NYC.  Their "Skyline Chess" board is a beautiful representation of some of the most famous buildings in New York.  The pieces are represented as follows:

  • King - One World Trade Tower 
  • Queen - Empire State Building 
  • Bishop - Chrysler Building 
  • Knight - Flatiron Building 
  • Rook - Guggenheim Museum 
  • Pawn - Brownstone House 

The Skyline Chess board is now available for pre-order via kickstarter, and they are over half-way funded with 27 days to go.  Check out the video below and make sure to head over to their kickstarter page


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