May 14, 2018

Help Save the Bees with 'Seed Bombs'

 seedles seed bombs bees


 Seed bombs, if you have never heard of them before, are seeds rolled up with organic compost to fertilize the seeds, which can then be placed in urban spaces or any area of land that could use some greenery. A California company named Seedles, started by Ei Ei Khin and Chirs Burley, is now using seed bombs as a strategy to fight the disappearance of bees. They are doing this by using the seeds of bee-friendly wildflowers, in order to attract more bees to neighborhoods around the country that are otherwise lacking a healthy bee population. They recently began a project they call “Grow the Rainbow”, which is a fun and easy way to achieve their goal of growing 1 billion wildflowers around the country. The decline of bee populations is one of the most daunting indicators of the environmental stress humans have created. Now, we all have a way to immediately start making a positive impact, by simply tossing some seed bombs anywhere you want flowers to grow.