August 06, 2019

San Francisco Airport Bans All Plastic Water Bottles

 zero waste sfo


 On August 2nd, the Official Twitter account of San Francisco International Airport tweeted:  “Have you heard? We’re ditching the disposables! Beginning August 20, #SFO shops, eateries & airline lounges can no longer provide or sell plastic bottled water. #ZeroWaste” The ban will cover all stores and restaurants throughout the entire airport, making SFO the first airport to ban plastic water bottles. There are 100+ hydrations stations throughout the airport for passengers and airport staff to refill their own bottles they choose to bring.  The ban, which will begin very soon on August 20th, is the start of an initiative to have the entire airport be zero-waste by 2021.  With airport vendors selling a total of 4 million water bottles every year, San Francisco's ban will have a serious impact on their initiative.  We are excited to hear about big bans like this as it will help reduce global plastic pollution.  Who knows.. maybe in the near future, all airports will be zero-waste!