October 24, 2017

Rappers Who Co-sign CBD Oil



 CBD oil is becoming increasingly  more popular despite its illegality in certain states still. CBD oil is the compound extracted from Cannabis that is non-psychoactive.  It has been shown to balance out the effects of THC.  In addition, it is said to have medical benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and even the ability to stop seizures.  The fact that CBD's can't get you high have many people jumping on the craze, even in the retail space. THC is to marijuana as CBD is to hemp.  While many rappers are very advocate of marijuana and promote the recreational use, there are certain rappers who understand the benefits of CBD as well. Here are a few.


Snoop Dogg

Uncle Snoop has always been a huge advocate of the Marijuana plant and the effects of THC, but what many don't know is he has also co-signed CBD's.  Snoop discovered the medical benefits of CBD oil and decided to look into it more.  He even got into the CBD oil business himself.  He has also been seen co-signing other CBD oil companies.  Check out this video

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface of the legendary Wu-Tang clan has been a huge supporter CBD oil and the medical benefits that is has.  He even went as far as to start an indiegogo campaign for his CBD oil project "Wu Goo".  Although the project wasn't fully funded, Ghostface's dedication to the healing properties of CBD still grows strong.


Styles P

Styles P has been on a health and wellness journey for a good while now. He has been opening up multiple locations of his juice bars called "Juices for Life" and has even been releasing vegan protein shakes.  It comes with no surprise that Styles P has expressed his love for CBD and its benefits as he continues his healing journey. Check out the tweet below in which he expresses his avid use of CBD oils.


Although the list of rappers who co-sign CBD is kind of short, I'm pretty sure there are more rappers out there who stand by CBD oils and that in the future this list will continue to grow!