January 03, 2017

Questions You Should Be Asking During a Job Interview


 Many times before we go into a job interview we are so focused on making a good first impression.  We make sure our clothes are ironed perfectly, we tighten up our resume, and most importantly we make sure we are prepared to answer difficult questions.  One thing we don't usually focus on however is what WE should be asking.  There is always that portion of the interview where the interviewer asks us "Do you have any questions for me?"  Well, this is essentially one of the most important parts of the interview; why wouldn't you want a little more insight on a job before you accept it?  Many times we are so concentrated on trying to get the job, that we forget to inquire more about the deal-breakers of the job.  Check out what William Scheimann, organizational psychologist and author, has to say about what questions you should be asking.