April 27, 2017

Planet Pins: Add a Solar Touch to Your Bulletin Board



 We usually give no second thought to the pins that we use to hold up calendars, important notices, and notes; but designer Duncan Shotton of Tokyo wants to change that.  As kids we learn about planets and all about the solar system but, as we get older, most of us lose interest in the planets.  Duncan is bringing the fascination back in a subtle way so that adults can appreciate it.  He designed "Planet Pins", which are push pins that have tiny planets on top of them.  There is no real functional purpose for the planet pins, but it is a cute gift idea for someone who you know is a very sciency person.  If you are interested in pre-ordering these pins check out Duncan's website HERE. He has a bunch of other cool art projects on his site as well! He's definitely #CFADC !


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