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Pizza Hut is Taking a more 'Eco-Friendly' Approach to Pizza

25 Oct, 2019

Pizza Hut is Taking a more 'Eco-Friendly' Approach to Pizza

 pizza hut plant based


 Lately, we've seen a bunch of fast-food restaurants making eco-friendly changes in an effort to reduce their footprint on the earth.  A lot of fast food places have been introducing plant based burgers and even expressing the urge to switch over to more environmentally friendly packaging.  Now, whether this comes from a genuine interest to be more eco-friendly or simply marketing schemes to draw attention is still yet to be determined, but nevertheless the end result is a more eco-friendly future for fast-food.  What about pizza though? There hasn't been much talk about more sustainable practices amongst pizza places... until now.  Giant pizza chain Pizza Hut has introduced two big changes that are promising.  In one location, they are testing out a new "Incogmeato" pizza that features a plant-based Italian style sausage.  In addition to the plant-based ingredient, the pizza also comes packaged in a special compostable box that is not only round, but smaller to reduce waste.  Not only does the round box contain less overall packaging compared to a typical square pizza box, it’s also industrially compostable (where available) and interlocks easily to ensure a smoother delivery. In other words, no pizza insurance policy needed and freed up space in the fridge for leftovers, Pizza Hut announced in a Press Release.  

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