April 21, 2017

People Around the World Express Themselves with Balloons


 Balloons are usually used to represent celebration and fun, as they are mostly seen at birthdays, baby showers, etc.  The Public Delivery Collective however is re-imagining balloons as a form of self-expression.  They have started a movement that has started to take off called 'Silence Was Golden'.  The project simply involves people around the world taking a pic/short video of them holding up golden balloons that spell out a word.  The word can be anything you want to express artistically. The global initiative has already had over 250 performances in over 180 cities!  Read below to see how Public Delivery describes the movement and watch the video to see some performances!

"Silence Was Golden is an on-going global public art project centered around words or short phrases made out of golden letter shaped balloons, chosen by performers to express their feelings towards their environment and the histories surrounding it.

The project aims at empowering people everywhere to use art to express themselves. Public Delivery then shows this project in art institutions internationally to bridge the gap between institutions and people, representing their creativity."


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