August 12, 2019

Nissin Releases Nutrient-Rich Instant Ramen

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  Ramen Noodles alone certainly aren't a substitute for a full meal, but they have a certain appeal because they are convenient, cheap, and tasty.  Go to any grocery store and you can find a section of instant noodles that is packed with many different brands and flavors. The only thing about these instant ramen noodles is that they lack a lot of nutritional value.  They may satisfy your stomach for the moment, but your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs.  Nissin, the company that makes Cup Noodles, has decided to change this. 

They claim to be "Creators of the original instant ramen" and it's hard to argue with them as they have been one of the biggest manufacturers of instant noodles for years. Their new release is a game-changing nutritious instant ramen.  The new line of instant ramen is called All-in Noodles and each pack contains about a third of a person's daily nutritional intake requirements.  Each pack contains 13 nutrients and minerals as well as high levels of protein and dietary fiber.  The price point is higher for these nutrient-packed noodles compared to regular instant ramen, however.  A plain pack retails for $3.70 and flavored packs are $5.70.  If you are an instant ramen fan and want to check out the nutrient-rich instant ramen head over to Nissin's website HERE.

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