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[New Releases] The Superego Tee + The Keep Dreaming Tee

22 Apr, 2019

[New Releases] The Superego Tee + The Keep Dreaming Tee

 superego hemp shirt


 Today is Earth Day! Celebrate this earth day by grabbing one (or both) of our new designs, The Superego Tee and The Keep Dreaming Tee. Both designs are on our signature 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton blend shirts.  For us, every day is Earth Day and we appreciate all of our supporters who help us raise the awareness about the dangers of synthetic fabrics and the many benefits of hemp.  Help us continue our mission of reversing the stigma of hemp and changing the very fabric of reality. Check out the new designs below and head over to The Shop to get yours today!


superego box logo

keep dreaming shirt

superego logo shirt


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