October 03, 2017

Netherlands Implement a Bike Highway Made From Recycled Toilet Paper


 Toilet paper is used globally in abundance.  In the Netherlands alone however, it is estimated that 180,000 tons of toilet paper is used every year; that's a lot of paper! Well, last Fall the Dutch province of Friesland decided to reuse the product to create a bike highway.  It is the first bicycle lane in the world to be paved completely with toilet paper.  It may sound absurd, but the asphalt created from the recycled toilet paper is very similar to the average asphalt, and many can't tell the difference. The "toilet paper highway" was built using tertiary cellulose extracted from waste streams.  This process can be used to make numerous products, but due to sanitation concerns, it legally can't be done with products that come in direct contact with humans.  Either way the new bike highway has been holding up well.  Check out some images of it below!

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