February 15, 2019

Lyft Announces "Green Mode" an Electric Vehicle Initiative



 It is no secret that the production of electric vehicles is on the rise.  This is no surprise as there are so many benefits to electric vehicles. For starters, electric vehicles produce fewer emissions that contribute to smog and climate change.  Also, with the high price of gas, electric vehicle drivers don't have to worry about gassing up. Well Lyft, a widely popular ride-hailing service, is hopping on the electric vehicle wave with its new initiative.  They have announced that they will be rolling out a "Green Mode" (starting in Seattle) that will allow users to find electric vehicles easier.  In addition, Lyft is planning to introduce a bunch of electric vehicles in 2019.  They will make it easy for drivers to rent these vehicles, without having to worry about mileage, gas, or insurance.  This EV initiative could prove to be very benefitial on a large-scale, considering how many Lyft drivers are on the road daily.  Let's hope that Uber jumps on the bandwagon as well!