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Lyft and Lime Releasing New Scooter Models

11 Jan, 2019

Lyft and Lime Releasing New Scooter Models

 lyft pink wheels scooter


 Lyft and Lime are two major companies who have been killing it in the scooter sharing game (along with Bird of course).  If you go to certain areas of a major city you may see these electric scooters riddled along the sidewalk, ready to be ridden.  You may also notice that some are kind of beat up and also the batteries may not last too long.  For that reason, Lyft and Lime are releasing new models of their scooters into the wild.  These new models are a sturdier design, include company branding, and longer lasting batteries.  Although its not clear what will happen to the old models, hopefully they will end up being recycled in an eco-friendly way.  Check out images of the new scooters from Lyft and Lime below!

 new lyft scooter 2019

new lime scooter 2019

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