June 14, 2018

'Logofonts' by Emanuele Abrate

 instagram font


 Have you ever looked at a logo and wondered "hm I wonder what font they used?"  I'm sure those of you who are more creatively inclined or interested in graphic design have wondered this plenty of times.  Well, Italian Designer Emanuele Abrate did the hard work for us curious folks by discovering which fonts are used in some of the popular logos we see almost everyday.  Once he found the font type, he replaced the companies name with the actual font name.  He calls this project simply "LogoFonts".  Check out some of the LogoFonts below; it's surprising how different a very popular font can look with just a few modifications.


netflix font

airbnb font

facebook font

adidas font

nike font

redbull font

spotify font

starbucks font

youtube font

twitter font