June 11, 2019

Old Town Road Becomes Billboard's Longest Reigning Track Since Drake

 lil nas x


 For the past few years, it seems like when it has come to the Billboard Hot 100's Chart, there was no beating Drake.  He dropped hit after hit and broke records with songs like "In My Feelings" and "God's Plan" which had insane runs on the charts.  Well, an artist has finally taken down the giant Drake... none other Lil Nas X. His Old Town Road song has continued to make waves across the world, going 7 times platinum.  The question is, what's next for Lil Nas X? Will he be a one hit wonder?  Judging by his social media, he has no plans of being that.  He has been previewing a bunch of new music from his upcoming EP 7, which is scheduled to be released this month.  Stay tuned as the young artist continues to break records and amass a huge fan base.  Check out the video for Old Town Road below which dropped 3 weeks ago and has already racked up over 130 million views.