August 02, 2019

Lego Releases Plant-Based Treehouse Set

 lego treehouse


 Lego has been discussing sustainability for a while, but it seems their talks have become a reality.  They have finally released a set of plant-based Legos.  The Lego plant set is made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. This new set has nearly 200 pieces made from this polyethylene, making it Lego's most environmentally friendly set to date. Lego has a goal to make Lego products completely sustainable by 2030.  Jackie Breyer, editorial director of The Toy Book and The Toy Insider says, “Millennial parents are more aware than previous generations of their impact on the environment,” “They feel the need to teach by example that they can make the world a better place. They are willing to pay more for sustainable quality toys than for cheaper toys that end up in a landfill.”

It seems as more and more people demand sustainable products, companies are forced to meet these demands.  We hope that Lego can make its sustainable goal and that more toy companies and companies in general become aware of the plastic pollution problem.