March 26, 2019

Lady Jane CBD Review

 lady jane cbd


 As CBD becomes increasingly more popular and more people learn about the benefits of it, a lot of CBD brands are beginning to flood the market. This begs the question... which one do I go with?  Well, that's all a matter of opinion. With countless ways to take and ingest CBD, the product options are almost limitless.  Well, recently we came across a brand called Lady Jane.  It is a women-owned CBD brand that makes vaporizers and CBD oil blends made from sustainably-farmed Kentucky hemp.  They were kind enough to send us samples and we thoroughly enjoyed them.  

For starters, the branding was spot on and very aesthetically pleasing.  The all gold pen gave the vaporizer a luxury feel and it was so relaxing to smoke.  The CBD oil they sent was mixed with coconut oil, but the "hemp flavor" definitely overpowered the coconut oil. However, the oil had a natural taste that wasn't harsh at all.  As you may know, CBD has many benefits including helping to ease anxiety, insomnia, and even nausea. Lady Jane has a few slogans such as "Chill with Jane", "Meet Jane, Chill Out", and "You Can Relax Now", and their CBD products definitely lived up to their slogans. It was a super relaxing experience.  If you are a fan of CBD or haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend you give Lady Jane a try.  Remember these products don't get you high and have no-psychoactive properties, but with CBD you can definitely get a relaxing experience, and why not do it in style with Lady Jane.  Check out their website HERE and be sure to use code "chillwithsuperego" to get 10% off your order!