January 05, 2017

Kuri: The Home Robot



 Last month we posted about Gatebox's virtual home assistant, which is a creepy little character that you can interact with throughout the day and also helps out with small tasks.  Well now we present to you "Kuri the Robot", another creepy little assistant that helps around the house.  It seems the trend is that companies are trying to make technology like Siri and Alexa more personified.  Is this a good idea? Only time will tell.  We've all seen movies where robots rise up against humankind (i.e. iRobot); and while our technology now is not nearly as advanced, having a moving robot throughout homes might become a normal thing in the near future.  

Kuri the Robot can navigate through your home, listen and respond to voice commands, play music, take photos and videos, set alarms, and more.  Although Kuri doesn't speak English but rather makes only robot noises, the website describes Kuri as having "emotive eyes and a friendly disposition"  Check out some short promo videos for Kuri below. Could you see yourself having a home robot in the future?