March 05, 2018

Kobe Bryant Wins Oscar for 'Dear Basketball'

 kobe oscar speech


 Shortly after Kobe Bryant's triumphant retirement from the game of basketball, he released a short film.  The film, entitled "Dear Basketball", was an emotional ode to the game of basketball.  He outlines how and why he fell in love with the game with a letter to basketball. Kobe's heartfelt narration in the short film was accompanied by moving sketches of him playing basketball from a kid to an adult.  Well, last night his short film won a well-deserved Oscar.  When reading the headlines today, many may be shocked to hear that a former NBA player has won an Oscar.  Many people try to put athletes in a box; however many athletes, such as Kobe Bryant and Ricky Williams, show their versatility even after their professional career is over.  Check out the short film as well as Glen Keane and Kobe's acceptance speech below!