May 12, 2017

Kendrick Lamar and Clippers Say Farewell to Paul Pierce



 As you may know it is NBA playoff season and as the Clippers said farewell to their season after losing to Utah Jazz, they also said farewell to an NBA legend.  Paul Pierce aka the Truth retired this year after a long and fulfilling 19-year NBA career. Though his longest run was with the Celtics and that is where he got his championship ring, he is originally from California and played high school ball at Inglewood High School.  In a short farewell and Thank you video, the Clippers say goodbye to the Truth in an emotional and reflective video.  With Kendrick Lamar voicing over the video as his Heart Pt. 4 plays in the background, you can tell how much Paul Pierce has meant not only to LA but to the entire game of Basketball.  Thank You Paul Pierce.


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