September 13, 2018

'Karma' App Helps Tackle Food Waste Problem

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 Millions of restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and other food establishments end their day by throwing out food that wasn't sold.  Most of the times the food isn't even rotten or bad. The restaurants simply can't sell the food the next day or do not have enough space for it.  Well, in Sweden there's a mobile app called "Karma" that is actively combating this food waste problem.  The app connects food establishments that have surplus food with hungry customers that would like a cheap meal.  The app allows these restaurants to list the food at a discounted price before it gets thrown away.  In turn, users of the app have a whole map of places they can grab a bite for cheap; it's a win-win for everybody.  So far the app has already 1,500 businesses that have joined in efforts to reduce food waste. Not only has the app helped reduce food waste but it also has helped businesses increase their revenue!  We hope this idea makes its way to the US, where food waste is also a big issue. 


karma food waste app sweden