May 23, 2019

Join the 'One Plastic Free Day" Campaign

 plastic free


 Plastic pollution has been a huge problem for our planet for quite some time now.  It seems as if people are finally waking up and trying to reverse the damage that has been done and still being done.  As many states are cracking down on the usage of single-use plastic items such as straws and plastic bags, other initiatives are being pushed by organizations and activist groups.  UK-based group "A Plastic Planet", for example, is holding their second annual "One Plastic Free Day".  On June 5th, they urge people to take to social media and pick an item you want to see go plastic free.  Then, after picking an item, you should take a picture of it and hashtag it with #oneplasticfreeday.  The goal of the campaign is to drive change faster in government and big businesses.  The group's past campaigns have had impressive global reach in the past.  So take part on June 5th and help raise awareness about plastic pollution!