February 25, 2019

J. Cole - Middle Child [Official Music Video]

 bentley is dirty j cole


 It's been a month since J. Cole released his new single entitled "Middle Child" and he has just released the official music video for it.  The video, directed by Mez, may seem like a straightforward performance video, but there are some deep undertones and messages. One of the most eye-jarring scenes is J. Cole riding a Bentley SUV through a bunch of mud with his squad, a perfect juxtaposition of how most rich musicians place extreme value on material possessions.  At the end of the video, a white girl (obviously influenced by black culture is seen shopping for a "black face" with baby hairs. This comes at a time when many high-end brands have been scrutinized for using designs that mimic "blackface". There is also a scene where J. Cole sits in a room with "your favorite rapper's" head on the wall.  J. Cole feels confident he is the greatest right now and is not shy about showing it. Check out the video below!