April 26, 2017

Is 'Concept Stand-up' the New Trend?



 It's safe to say Netflix is the new platform for new stand-ups.  They have been featuring not only big comedians such as Dave Chapelle, but also lesser known comedians like Michael Che (no offense Mike).  One trend that has been occurring however is that Netflix seems to be featuring stand-up gigs that have some sort of unique concept.  When people usually think of stand-up comedy, they think of an hour of a comedian telling random jokes; but now the tides are turning. Comics are being more creative with their gigs in order to stand out from the rest.  For instance, Neal Brennan's stand-up consists of 3 mics; one for one-lines, one for emotional stuff, and one for stand-up.  Vir Das' stand-up was filmed both in India and America with intertwining jokes that were edited together for Netflix.  Ali Wong even did her stand-up while pregnant.

The point is, in an ever-evolving society, where people get bored easily, comedians are starting to realize they have to raise the creative bar in order to intrigue people.  Could this be a new trend? Or is Netflix hand-picking these creative shows?  Either way I see nothing bad coming out of this "concept stand-up".  


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