February 01, 2017

"I Got Sunshine, On a Cloudy Day": Why Vitamin D is So Important


Given the time of year, not many people are enjoying the great outdoors. Most are inside, curled up under a blanket, by a warm fire reading a novel. The few who do go and enjoy nature are bundled up head to toe. One of the most ancient natural supplements that human beings received on a daily basis is vitamin D. The winter months leaves many people at a loss of vitamin d. Overall, with more people doing activities inside, working long hours in offices, the overall first world population has a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D from the sun comes in the form of UV (ultraviolet) rays. Additionally even though vitamin D is referred to as a vitamin, since the body can produce it with sun exposure, it is technically a pro-hormone.

Various studies have said that at least 50% of people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D can lead to weakened bones, among countless other issues. Lack of sunlight (and therefore natural vitamin D creation) is linked to lowered levels of serotonin, which is associated with your mood. Low levels of serotonin and the world is going to seem pretty blue. In addition to weakened bones, your bones and joints may ache from decreased levels of vitamin D. The reason for this is because vitamin D aids in absorbing calcium by your body. People over the age of 50 also have lowered levels because their skin does not absorb vitamin D as readily. The above are some of the more common issues with a lack of vitamin D, but there are others.

Have a healthy dose of vitamin D and you'll avoid all of the above no sweat. Foods that are rich in vitamin D include salmon, other fish, and egg yolks, among others. There are also other benefits of a healthy dose of vitamin D. A study performed at Boston University, exposed people with high blood pressure to certain UV rays, their high blood pressure returned to lower levels. Vitamin D also is good for the skin, and aids in healing and preventing infections. Vitamin D additionally helps prevent hair loss and our hair follicles even have vitamin D receptors in them!

Overall, staying inside is not what people were meant for. We were meant to be out in the open air, enjoying the sunlight. If you aren’t a fan of being outside, try taking some vitamin D. You can bring the sunshine in without lifting a foot. ‘Til next type – M

Written by Michael Dour