July 26, 2018

Huawei to Release World's First Foldable Phone in 2019

 foldable phone


 One of the first physical features of cell phones was their ability to flip open and closed.  This allowed for one to easily fit the phone in their pocket and flip it open when needed.  With the introduction of new technology, cell phones moved towards touch screens, which made the flipping mechanism sort of obsolete.  Instead, developers looked to make cell phones thinner, in order to slide into pockets easily.  Well now, it seems as if there is a new physical feature that is being introduced.. foldable phones.  Huawei is most likely going to be the first phone company to release this technology (before Samsung) in 2019.  The phone will utilize a flexible OLED display by China’s BOE Technology Group. The rollout won't be too big as it is speculated the company will only release about 30,000 foldable phones and the price point will be around $1,500 - $2,000. Will foldable phones be the future of mobile devices? Time will tell.


huawei foldable phone 2019