October 23, 2018

How This Company Is Reimagining Solar Energy

 smart flower


 Most times you see solar energy in action, it is usually with stationary rectangular panels.  In fact, there's not much action going on at all. SmartFlower is changing that.  It is a new form of solar energy that claims to produce energy with 40% more efficiency than your standard solar panels. The SmartFlower is designed and inspired by the heliotropic properties of the sunflower.  Basically, Heliotropism is the ability for a plant to move in response to the position of the sun. The SmartFlower closes when the sun isn't out and opens when it is. It also rotates and tilts to ensure that it is absorbing as much sunlight as possible.  The SmartFlower is also self-cleaning and even responds to bad weather conditions.  Check out the video below to see the SmartFlower in action, this is definitely one progressive piece of equipment!