November 13, 2018

[Hot or Not] Nike Air Fear of God 1 in Bone/Black

 nike air fear of god 1 bone/black



“It is a shoe that should only be judged by the emotion it gives the kid when he first sees it — however it makes him feel. We live in a day and age when images are leaked left and right, and products are leaked without consideration and emotional attachments. I’m aiming to give a visceral experience whether the kid sees it first on Ben Simmons coming into the arena or worn by his favorite athletes on court.” This is what Jerry Lorenzo said about the upcoming collab with Fear of God and Nike.  Lorenzo is a designer and founder of the streetwear brand "Fear of God". He recently debuted the collab with Nike earlier this week and since then the buzz around the shoes has been growing.  The sneakers certainly stand out from a design perspective.  From the choice to make them super high-top sneakers to the wrap around laces, these kicks are certainly unique.  Some may be put off by the jarring look, but they are certainly futuristic. Check out some images below, and let us know if you think these are hot or not! 

nike air fear of god 1 side profile

nike air fear of god 1 back

nike air fear of god 1 bone black

nike aire fear of god 1 bottom

nike air fear of god 1 bone/black

nike air fear of god 1 basketball bone/black