January 09, 2018

[Hot or Not] Kendrick Lamar's Nike Cortez 'Kenny I'



 When you are a superstar athlete it is not uncommon to get your own sneaker through a major sneaker brand.  Lately however, big hip-hop artists have been venturing into the sneaker world.  There's no telling where this trend exactly started, but Jay-Z and 50 Cent were early pioneers.  As time went on, Kanye West innovated in the space, becoming one of the leading artists to have their own line of shoes.  Now the latest artist to dip their feet in the game (no pun intended) is Kendrick Lamar.  K. Dot is hailed by many as the best rapper out now, so it makes sense that he would have his own signature shoe.  He has collaborated with Nike in order to bring the Nike Cortez 'Kenny I' to the people.  On the side of the shoe, the title of his last album "Damn." is stitched in red.  Check them out below! Are they hot or not?