November 13, 2019

Hemp Toilet Paper Could Change the World

 hemp toilet paper


 Did you know that before toilet paper was mass-produced, rich people would use wool, lace, or even hemp to wipe? And in 1857, when the first commercial toilet paper was invented in the USA, it was made from Manila Hemp that was moistened and soaked in Aloe.  10 years later the Scott brothers started manufacturing toilet paper from trees for mere pennies. This cheaper idea took off because there were plenty of trees to use. Today, Americans use an average of 50 pounds of toilet paper a year per person.  What if, we went back to making toilet paper from hemp though? Would this lessen the millions of trees that are destroyed each yet?  Absolutely! In fact, one acre of hemp can produce 4 times more paper compared to one acre of trees. There are already some companies that make and advocate for hemp toilet paper that can be found with a simple google search, but perhaps hemp toilet paper could change the world on a broader scale.  Hemp is such a versatile plant and could be beneficial in so many different industries. Let's continue to raise awareness of hemp while reversing the stigma!