June 07, 2019

[Hemp History Week Feature] Hoodlamb

 hoodlamb hemp


 As Hemp History Week starts to come to a close this weekend, we are back with another hemp apparel brand that we love!  Hoodlamb is an Amsterdam based hemp brand that specializes in outdoor wear.  Their journey started by simply wanting to create a warm, durable jacket out of natural fabrics.  After some time, they discover hemp fabric and ran with it.  They too recognized the benefits of using hemp to make apparel.  Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world and requires half the amount of water compared to cotton to cultivate.  In addition, it can be grown without chemicals and herbicides.

Besides being sustainable, hemp is also great to use because of its durable fibers.  Throughout history, hemp has been used for rope, paper, textiles, and more.  The sky is the limit when it comes to building things from hemp.  Hempcrete, hemp plastic, and hemp wood are all materials that could replace current products that aren't as sustainable.  Hoodlamb recognized the durability of hemp and is now using it in all their apparel.  Their product line consists of a large variety of pieces such as hoodies, coats, denim jackets, jumpers, and dresses. Hoodlamb is constantly innovating and creating new looks from hemp.  Check out their website HERE and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.



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