June 06, 2019

[Hemp History Week Feature] Hemp Eyewear

 hemp glasses


 Hemp History Week is almost coming to a close, and we are back with another featured hemp brand.  This time we are taking it overseas to Scotland.  Hemp Eyewear is a brand that gained traction in 2014 when product designer Sam Whitten designed a prototype of sunglasses made from a hemp frame.  Hemp Eyewear saw a wave of support early and decided to open a studio in Edinburgh, where they have been handcrafting their signature hemp frames.

One may ask the question... why use on hemp on sunglasses? Well, the answer is quite simple.  Hemp Eyewear wanted to take on a market that uses an unbelievable amount of plastic.  As we all know plastic pollution is a huge issue.  Most plastic takes an insane amount of years to decompose, up to 1,000 years. Hemp, on the other hand, is a natural and biodegradable material.  It is way more sustainable than plastic making it the perfect alternative. Solid hemp is also stronger and lighter than carbon fibre.  Using hemp to craft sunglasses is a no-brainer!

Hemp Eyewear has 6 unique hemp frames available; the Harrelson, Dean, Concord, Lotus, Crosby, and Hamburg.  Check out their website HERE to see their beautifully handcrafted hemp frames.  Stay tuned for the rest of Hemp History Week as we celebrate hemp and the amazing brands that choose to use it!

 hemp fibers frames

hemp glasses frames