April 01, 2017

Guppy Friend: Preventing Microfiber Pollution


 Last month we posted about the Dangers of Synthetic Microfibers.  It's an issue that many people aren't aware of that needs to be addressed.  Every time an article of clothing that is made of synthetic materials is washed, tiny microfibers are shed.  These microfibers make their way into the water system and eventually the ocean.  Trillions of these synthetic microfibers are floating around being ingested by marine life and eventually humans.  

Guppy Friend is a small solution to a big problem.  It's a fabric bag designed to catch these microfibers during the washing process.  You simply throw the clothes inside, seal the bag and put it in a washing machine or hand wash.  The bag allows water and soap through, but filters the microfibers allowing you to scrape them out when the wash is done.  This nifty invention is a nice solution to the synthetic microfiber problem. Of course, we also suggest that instead of buying clothes made of synthetic fibers you switch to natural fibers, such as our 60% hemp/40% Organic cotton shirts.  To learn more about Guppy Friend however, watch the video below and check out their website.