September 14, 2018

Google Street View Cars to Map Air Pollution Worldwide

 google street car


 Google street view on Google Maps is a useful tool to get an inside look on streets and locations.  Google deploys Google street view cars that drive around capturing live images at a ground level.  Now google has decided to add another layer to google maps. 

They have just announced plans to introduce sensors from a San Francisco company called Aclima that test air quality in cities and towns around the world. The sensors will be installed on these google vehicles and will detect amounts of 

nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide wherever the cars go. The main goal in doing this is to map out areas where pollution is a problem, informing users which cities and towns have the poorest air quality.  So far, since partnering with Aclima around 3 years ago, Google's cars have clocked about 100,000 miles in California and the sensors have generated more that a billion points of data.  It will be interesting to see air pollution mapped out on the google interface once the process is complete. Let us know which cities you think will rank high in pollution!