May 22, 2019

Ford Makes a Headless Robot to Complete Autonomous Deliveries

 ford delivery bot


 Autonomous is the word of the future.  We've heard news of self-driving taxis coming soon, autonomous delivery systems, and car company Tesla has already included an autonomous driving feature in their cars.  Self-driving delivery vehicles are also coming soon as many major companies have been developing the technology. Ford specifically has been working on those vehicles and recently has developed a robot to assist with these deliveries.  The robot will assist in getting packages from the autonomous vehicles to the front door of the customer.  The headless robot folds in the back of the vehicle and unfurls itself into a bipedal humanoid.  It has the capability of carrying packages up to 40 pounds. In addition, it can travel on uneven terrain and can even handle a fall.  Check out footage below to see the bot in action.  The future is NOW!