April 24, 2017

Feeding America MealConnect: Recover Excess Food


   Feeding America has a goal to solve the hunger issue in America by the year 2025.  On Earth Day, which was April 22nd, Feeding America rolled out a new tech platform called "MealConnect".  What MealConnect does is allow food businesses that have surplus food to easily connect with food banks and other meal service programs.  Feeding America has already partnered with Starbucks to ensure that 100% percent of their leftover food is being donated!  Essentially MealConnect allows food business to post what type of surplus food they have, and then it uses an algorithm to determine which program could use the food and quickly distribute it to hungry people in need.  By simplifying the process, hopefully more and more food business will hop on the MealConnect wave.  We are all for it, and hope Feeding America can reach its goal by the year 2025! Spread the word!



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