May 04, 2017

Eve: An Autonomous and Electric Concept Car



 There is no doubt that we are living in a day and age with all types of technological advancements.  In the past few decades we have made leaps and bounds when it comes to phones, computers, cars, and more.  Automative startup NIO is contributing to these advancements with its concept car Eve.  They believe they can make Eve a reality by 2020. Eve is an autonomous car (meaning it could drive itself), is electric, has seats that recline for naps, a huge TV, window displays, and more.  In reality, most of this technology exists already; in fact tesla already has an autonomous car.  Eve can definitely be created, it's just a matter of cost and effectiveness.  One thing is for sure, Eve is very impressive and will surely come with a hefty price tag.  Check out the video below to see the concept car, let us know your thoughts!


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