November 19, 2019

Dunkin' is Getting Rid of Styrofoam Cups

 dunkin cups


 Major coffee/donut chain Dunkin' has already made some major changes as of late. The most notable one was dropping the Donuts from their original Dunkin' Donuts name.  The cause of the name change in early 2019 was to rebrand as a beverage-focused company.  Well now, Dunkin' is implementing another big change, they are getting rid of styrofoam cups.  They originally announced the plan in 2018, but plan on fully implementing it by April 2020.  This comes shortly after New York announced that its styrofoam ban would be going live this past July.  In addition, Starbucks introduced its new cold lids in order to help reduce straw usage. It seems as if a lot of people are waking up to the dangers of certain materials that don't biodegrade easily.  Dunkin' will be switching its cups to double-walled paper cups which meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard.  We hope that more fast-food places and chain restaurants decide to take sustainable steps that positively affect the environment.  These types of chains produce obscene amounts of waste and it is essential that they are conscious as to what type of materials are being thrown away.