March 09, 2017

Drink More Water



 Water, the word conjures up images of rain, the ocean, taking showers/baths, and being a cool relief during the hot summer. The Earth’s surface is made up of about 71% water and the oceans account for about 96.5% of that. The rest is in the air, rivers, lakes, underground aquifers, and the icecaps. Around 97% of the water on the planet is undrinkable, due to the salt content or other various factors.  Our own bodies are made up of about 65% water. Our own lives can be in jeopardy without enough water. Someone would only survive about a week without water, while you would survive a month without food.

Today’s society is given many various options of beverages, most of them high in sugar content. Sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, bottled/canned teas and sodas are all very high in sugar content. These drinks have little to no beneficial nutrients. The high caffeine content in some of these drinks makes a person more dehydrated than they realize. Additionally the high sugar content in many of these drinks also leads to increased dehydration. The body needs to get rid of the excess sugar and therefore, much like caffeine, the body moves to expel it which leads to more dehydration.

The moment a person feels thirsty, they are already dehydrated. Most people experience this which then impacts moods, energy levels, and cognitive functions. As we age, the body absorbs less water in general. Aging coupled with a low water intake can actually increase symptoms of aging, internally and externally. Water helps rid the body of toxins. A low water intake allows these various toxins to build up and contributes to general feelings of malaise. There are many other issues that result from dehydration and I encourage you to do your research.

A healthy water intake can lead to a boosted metabolism rate, reduced blood pressure, less ache and pains, healthy eyes, and many other benefits. The amount of water that is recommended is up for debate though. The recommended water intake depends on age, activity levels, and what else is consumed through the day. Many fruits and vegetables are high in water content and help keep the body hydrated. I personally suffer from migraines and constantly keep myself hydrated for migraine prevention. So instead of reaching for that Coca Cola or Snapple, grab a bottle of water instead, your body will thank you in the long and short run. ‘Til next type - M.

Written by Michael Dour