October 31, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' Proves the Dragon Ball Z Series Will Never Die



 A true treat for 90’s kids who grew up on Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) in the USA and anime fans worldwide. Dragon Ball Super, the continuation of the popular series, premiered in July 2015 with new episodes still airing weekly in Japan continues the franchise that never dies.

Featuring the same nostalgic animation style from the original 90’s series and the characters and personalities you’ve come to love, Dragon Ball Super takes DBZ to another stratosphere, introducing the concept of God Ki and tying together time travel timelines and multiple universes.

Get ready for new characters such as Beerus, the God of Destruction, whose thirst for planetary destruction is only quenched by his love for human cuisine and Hit, an unstoppable assassign from an alternate universe. There are also amazing new fight scenes; a reincarnated golden Frieza, Vegeta against Goku showdowns, a multi-universe fighting tournament, Future Trunks and even Goku against an evil doppleganger Goku.

To some this will sound like certified nonsense but for those who see Vegeta when they hear “Kakarot” know it will be well worth the wait. Dragon Ball Super is still not available in the United States yet although an official dub release is in the works.