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CVS to Sell CBD Products in 800 Stores

22 Mar, 2019

CVS to Sell CBD Products in 800 Stores

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 More and more people are becoming awake to the benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.  It can be taken in oil form, inhaled, ingested, and many other ways.  Studies have shown that CBD has helped with pain relief, anxiety, nausea, skin disorders and more.  Well it seems CVS is aware of the benefits of CBD as it will be starting to sell CBD products in 800 stores in 8 states. 

“We’re going to walk slowly, but this is something we think our customers will be looking for,” CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo said in an interview Wednesday with CNBC’s Jim Cramer.  They will be marketing the topical cannabidiol products, such as creams, sprays and roll-ons, as “an alternative source of relief,” Stay tuned to find out which locations will be offering these products!


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