December 06, 2019

CricketSTIX: Sustainable Utensils Crafted in North America



 Did you know that more than 80 billion disposable chopsticks are made annually? Did you also know that these billions of non-renewable and non-recyclable chopsticks do not list materials or toxicity of finishes of coatings that can leach into food and also harm the environment? Well, its a real problem and the trend of single-use utensils and non-transparency in production must stop for the betterment of our environment. CricketSTIX is a new solution to this disposable chopstick problem.  CricketSTIX are reusable chopsticks that are made of sustainable and environmentally conscious materials and processes.  Cricket Designs has truly made a pair of reusable utensils that are beautifully handcrafted and environmentally friendly.

CricketSTIX are ergonomically balanced so they feel incredibly natural to use and are crowned with a stainless steel jewel to achieve this carefully designed balance. They are also made locally using the highest quality sustainable materials in North America. CricketSTIX are proof that you don't need to sacrifice design when making an eco-friendly product. To accompany the Stix, Cricket Designs has crafted a sleek protective case for the chopsticks when you are on the go and not using them. Simply unscrew the cap and use your utensils; when you're done you can rinse and re-use them over and over again. CricketSTIX have so many great qualities that allow them to be so durable reusable; they have a hardwearing finish and are chemical, coffee, wine, and acid-resistant! So if you're looking for some durable and reusable utensils for yourself or as a gift for someone, look no further.  CricketSTIX is currently available on Kickstarter HERE.  Make sure to check out their campaign and take advantage of their great rewards while they last! 

    cricketstix case