October 07, 2016

Cool Dad Builds 'American Ninja Warrior' Course for His Daughter


 As kids, we want our parents to embrace our talents and support us in the decisions we want to make.  Most parents have a hard time doing this especially since children make a lot of misguided decisions; however there are some talents that should be fostered. Gavin MacCall found out his daughter Lylah loved watching "American Ninja Warrior" and loved climbing, so he made her her own course.  

“The day she turned the green chair around and climbed over it was the birth of the first (Ninja Warrior-inspired) course,” MacCall tells USA TODAY. He says his daughter spends plenty of time at the playground and climbing on “the parking cement ‘thingies,'” as she calls them. Creating new courses for Lylah “is fun for me, too,” he says.

Check out Lylah in action below!