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Coca-Cola to Reduce Plastic by Selling Dasani in Aluminum Cans

14 Aug, 2019

Coca-Cola to Reduce Plastic by Selling Dasani in Aluminum Cans

 dasani cans


 Major companies, especially in the beverage industry, are starting to face backlash for the use of so much plastic.  As more and more of them feel the pressure to be more eco-friendly, they are starting to switch up production methods.  Coca-Cola is one of the latest big companies to make a change.  Starting next month, they are going to experiment with selling Dasani water in aluminum cans as opposed to plastic bottles.  They are also unveiling a hybrid bottle, which is made up of a combination of plants and recycled plastic.  The rollout will begin first in the U.S. Northeast but Coke plans to start selling the cans in other parts of the country in 2020.  Coke has also announced a pledge to recycle all packaging by 2030.

Hopefully, other major beverage companies can follow behind Coca-cola and make changes towards more sustainable packaging. It is great to see the shift from plastic to more recyclable and eco-friendly materials, it's just disappointing that it is just now starting to happen.  Either way, some change is better than no change.  Stay tuned for more news on sustainability!


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