August 07, 2019

BloomingTables lets you Fill Furniture with Houseplants

 bloomingtable planter


 Household items and furniture that are functional and also aesthetically pleasing are a win-win.  In the case of BloomingTables though, they are not only nice to look at but also serve two purposes.  Bloomingtables make tables that, well... bloom.  In the most literal sense, it's a table and a planter all in one.  The table is 30 inches by 33 inches by 10.5 inches wide making it a convenient piece of furniture for most places of your home.  In addition, since the plants grow underneath the glass table, it saves space and keeps the plants away from kids and pets.  CEO Dustin Anthony says, “As plant lovers, it wasn’t long before we were running out of places to keep our plants," "BloomingTables gives us and plant lovers a new way to bring more plants into their lives in a new and innovative way. With such an abundance of stunning species of plants, there are countless ways to create arrangements in any home or office décor.  

The Bloomingtable is available now on Kickstarter, check out their page HERE to learn more and make sure to grab one or more before the campaign is done on August 22nd, 2019!