August 17, 2018

Awake: A Stylish and Sustainable Time-piece

awake watch


 "Our mission is to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods. We want to show that we can create objects with innovative design and very high quality, while still limiting our environmental impact as much as possible. And give people the opportunity to make a difference."

The mission statement from the team at Awake Watches speaks for itself.  The sustainable company is applying their mission statement through their new time-piece, which is now available on Kickstarter.  Their watch is proof you can make a stylish product completely from recycled materials. The watch band is made from recycled plastic and the watch face is made from recycled 316L stainless steel. You can tell that the Awake Watch design team has cut no corners when creating this beautiful watch, as they have drawn inspiration from nature to bring the body of the watch together.  Their Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded but you still have some time to grab one of the watches before the campaign closes today. Check out the video below to learn more about Awake Watches!