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Australian Company Reveals 3D Printed Hemp Homes

07 Oct, 2019

Australian Company Reveals 3D Printed Hemp Homes



 Hemp has been known to be a durable crop with many different uses.  In fact, people were actually able to make hempcrete from hemp to build homes.  Now, there is a new method of making hemp building materials. Perth-based bio-technology company Mirreco has revealed plans to roll out 3D printed hemp homes.  They have developed innovative, carbon-neutral hemp panels for residential and commercial buildings.  They say it can be 3D-printed into floors, roofs, and walls. Mirreco even claims that their hemp panels are fire, termite, pest, rodent & mold resistant! This is easy to believe as hemp has so many beneficial properties. Hemp is capable of absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide, making it an efficient and eco-friendly building material. 

Mirreco says, “The floors, walls and roof will all be made using hemp biomass, and the windows will incorporate cutting-edge technology that allows light to pass through glass where it is converted into electricity,” Since the buildings are 3D printed, people could live and work in the buildings after mere weeks.  Hemp and 3D printing is a great combination of sustainability and efficiency. We hope more companies continue to innovate in the hemp space and realize how useful it can be as a building material.  Also, it would be great to get some 3D printed houses in the states! 


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