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Artist 'Shoetree' Opens Sneaker Planter Pop-Up

16 Jul, 2019

Artist 'Shoetree' Opens Sneaker Planter Pop-Up

 nike air max 97 plant


 When one thinks of repurposing sneakers the last thing that may cross their mind is using kicks as pots for plants, but artist Kosuke Sugimoto aka "Shoetree" has done just that.  His new pop-up is called "Justification of Deterioration" and is open until July 22 at Ciaopani Harajuku.  Shoetree uses a 3-year process called Hydrolysis in which plants fuse together with sneakers.  Shoetree says “I aim to create mystery, and a harmony as though everything were one, while also maintaining the realism in my works,” His inspiration is the moss and vines that usually tend to over-run rustic and ruined buildings.  He's mimicked the look on popular shoe silhouettes from Nike and Jordan.  Check out some of these amazing creations below and make sure to check out his instagram page HERE to see more of his pieces. 


 nike air uptempo planter 

nike mold plant holder

nike plant hyrdolysis

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